Spring Forward 

It is finally spring, and that means it's time for new and exciting things!  This month I'm pleased to be a guest on two fabulous radio shows: Pratt Radio's The Rodent Hour, which promotes Brooklyn indie music, and Modern Problems Radio Show, which broadcasts from Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, CT.  

It is also time to record!  I've got a brand new song that I'll be laying down at Dragon Crest Studio with my talented friend Pete Francis producing, and we are beginning to record the final installment of my concept album "The Gunfighter Meets His Match" with the usual suspects.  I can't wait to share it with you all!

New "Vampire Song" Music Video! 

I love Halloween.  Particularly Halloween films, music videos ("Thriller," of course!) and candy.  I wrote "Vampire Song" as a sort of joke on Halloween night 2009.  I was going to a party thrown by musicians, and each guest was encouraged to write a Halloween themed song to perform that evening with the house band.  I love these sort of assignments, so fueled by pumpkin beer and a silent viewing of "Nosferatu," I sat down and wrote.  Vampires are so romanticised in popular culture, so I thought it would be funny to write an utterly unromantic story about a pushy vampire queen who becomes smitten with a mortal.  He doesn't return her feelings, but she is bound and determined to have him anyway.  

Halloween 2010 found me singing with a very fun and talented cover band at Kenny's Castaways (RIP).  I decided it was a good time to bring "Vampire Song" out into the world, and so I did.  I had so much fun singing it with those guys that I ended up recording it with my own band in 2012, releasing the single that Halloween.  

Last June, I spent two of the most fun days of my life filming the "Vampire Song" music video with my amazing friends and collaborators.  I would like to say more, but I will let the video speak for itself.  If you like it, please feel free to share it!
I've teamed up with Hurrah! A Bolt of Light (a band I love) to offer two songs for $1 on our special Bandcamp page! What a bargain!

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