The Gunfighter Meets His Match 

Those of you who have been to one of my live shows in the last few years know that I have been slowly cooking a concept album called "The Gunfighter Meets His Match."  It is a wild West adventure and love story about a talented gunfighter facing his greatest fears, inspired by the short stories of Louis L'Amour.  Well, 2015 is the Gunfighter's year!  I'll be releasing the album with a corresponding short story this spring AND I'm collaborating with some very talented friends who are helping to adapt the story and songs into a musical.  We'll be performing a first look at The Gunfighter Meets His Match Musical February 6th at Dixon Place, and I'm thrilled to share my first foray into the world of musical theater (unless you count playing the Donkey in a community production of "Man of La Mancha" back in '99)!


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