1. Bad One

From the recording In a Pretty Box

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I'm a bad bad bad bad girl
not the good kind of bad
just a bad one
I'm every mother watching from the sidelines
while I'm playing on the opposite team
I know you know each play
even better than I
but I watch it while you let them slip away
I'm not breaking my own heart
I am tearing it apart
cause I know that all this trouble's cause of me
I'm a bad girl
hey I'm a bad girl
There's no man like my man
to love impossible things
tell me what's the time in the Holy Land
if it's wailing time in me?
seven hours seven days
what a struggle what a shame
and all because I'm no good
I'm no good at games.
I'll wait for the day
when you're running through my yard
I'll wait for the day
I'll wait for the day when you say
when you say I've been good.
I want more than I've got
I want more than everything
and I want it tied up in a pretty box
that doesn't seem like a lot to me
Today could be the day
when loving's not so hard
today could be the day
today is the day when you'll say..
I'm a bad bad bad bad girl
(but the good kind of bad
not the bad one).