1. Little Lotus

From the recording In a Pretty Box

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When you were just a boy
I waded through a careful tide
I waited with hopeless patience
I waited without pride.
Seventeen could never hurt me
seventeen a careful life and
a sound I had never heard
could never cause me
could never cause me strife.
So maybe he won't tell me that he loves me
but it's all right
he says that maybe one day
I'll be all right.

I wish for honesty
and I wish it to be pure
more than just a deep affection
more than a jealous girl
such a jealous girl
I know my time will come
I've had some times already
your sweet and subtle nature
stood by to keep me
stood to keep me steady
I'm not sure that this is nothing
but I think it is
I can't be counting stars
when I haven't cut my baby's arms off.

Now's the time for boys to be men
girls, hold on to your possessions
off with fever off with their heads
off to war before they're already dead
before this is already dead
I'm bleeding out everything I ever
tried to keep inside me
but I won't take what I cannot afford
and I wouldn't want to wonder
if there could have been more
when you were just a boy.