1. Ghosts

From the recording About a Cake

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I'm givin up this little ghost
been ridin in my chest he been
takin me for walks
but now you know I think it's best
to take a little time, my dear
to leave it all behind
I fear
that all my thoughts of you here were in vain
but every train I take
and every cake I bake
oh everywhere I turn
I just see blue.
I'm givin up this little ghost
there's not much else to say
I've waited for our time to come
I've watched those wolves at bay.
My shallow serenades of love
are truly reminiscent of
the child that you so clearly saw in me
but every song I played
and every wish I made
oh everything I've done I did for you.
There was a coin that fell
from heaven at my feet
I might have picked it up
when I was young and sweet
but I'm a big girl now
I've learned about the sky
and I don't need no one
to be my alibi.
I'm givin up these little ghosts
I set them free today but
there's nothing like a hauntless house
to scare my soul away
alone is not a proper word
for what I feel is too absurd
for anyone to properly define
but every empty chair
and every crooked stair
oh everywhere there's someone I can't face.
High on a hidden hill
I watch those bridges fall
they're goin one by one
but I'm still standing tall
I met a sparrow as
she floated down the lane
she said
those bridges fall
but they always rise again.