1. Ding Dong

From the recording About a Cake

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I'm not scared
and I don't care
that I'm a thief and he's a coward
I couldn't wait another hour
no, darlin, no
I am not afraid.
something in his eyes
said he knew me better than I knew myself
I was his favorite color
I would become his hell
I knew what I wanted
I knew I had to tell
said save me please
I'm on my knees
I knew what I had to do
was not afraid to be a fool
the only thing that scared me
was the thought of losing you.

I let the wicked witch
of the West into my room
I let her loathe me
I let her steal my broom
then I found my cyclone
and that old house became her tomb.
those dreams, indeed are dead and gone
but now my sleeping days are done
and I can wake up crying
wake up numb
but I know I will never run
cause now nothing scares me.

I'm still alive without you
if I can survive without you
then there's nothing that I cannot do.

I'm not scared
I'm gonna stand my ground
now that I've settled
for never settling down
no darlin, no
I am not afraid
I am not afraid.