1. About a Cake

From the recording About a Cake

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You gave me a crumb from your cake
that was as big as the sea
such a lovely cake
just a taste for me
then you took it to the kitchen
put it in the pantry way up high
yeah you took it to the kitchen
hid it from my sorry starving eyes.

so I stood at the foot
of a shelf to the sky
I could smell that sugar
that sugar should be mine
so I started climbing
Jack, he's never been so high
and I kept climbing
I should have known what I would find
she licked her fingers
and she looked at me
mouth full of venom
her eyes full of cream
in my hunger I had not foreseen
that when I found you
she would have picked you clean.

so I woke from my hope
with a bad belly ache
I am still so empty
so long I've had to wait
but I'll start cookin
I've got something on my shelf
and I'll keep cookin
I can cook it up myself.