1. Fortune

From the recording About a Cake

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I had a hatred of my wrist
wide as a Western plain
white as a whisper
on a winter's day
was my hatred.
I had a heart then
I had hope
but I didn't have a hand in my own
fortune or freedom
you can't reap what you never learn to sew
and all I wanted was someone
to make it all all right
but that someone just wasn't coming
so I suffered with all my mite.
I had a hatred of my lip
faint as a faithless face
flat as a river
on the saddest summer day
was my hatred.
I can't keep keeping
what I kept for the sake of pain
kept for the sake of sorrow
for deflection of the blame
when what is wrong is there is nothing
wrong with me tonight
except my wish for you to touch me
and the thought that you just might.
you said
look what you can carry
look what you can take
and my lips would be redder than roses
if I could believe the things you say.