1. Your Hymn

From the recording About a Cake

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How transparent is my face
when I'm exposed to all your grace
and the everlasting wonder of your charms?
and does it give you grief
do you know of what I seek
or do you think that my love does more good than harm?
well there's no need to worry
but Darling you might hurry..
rocking chair
keeps singing but
I don't care
I'm thinking of
the sweetest song I ever heard
your voice my symphony
your hymn to me
no goodbye
nor weary sigh
could ever dare replace
this song of mine.

for you I'd live a thousand lonely lifetimes
for you I'd cross a hundred raging seas
though I may never rest my head
til all the world is dead
I would sell my sorry soul my love for you
I brave
the winter wind I
know I'm saved
I know it when
I see the sun
I see the sky
your face my peaceful sea
you're home to me
no sad eye nor wicked smile
could ever dare replace
this peace of mine
for you I'd never see another sunrise
for you I'd block the autumn from my gaze
if you're the only thing I see for all eternity
how I'd sell my sorry soul my love for you.
For you I've lived a thousand lonely lifetimes
for you I've crossed a hundred raging seas
for all these troubles I've been through
all along I knew
and now my Love
my soul belongs to you.